Who Is The Flying Foodie?

Hi there!

I’m Emma Mann; food lover, cheese devourer, chocoholic and self-confessed wine snob. I have a long-term love affair with the way we eat and share food across the globe, and how food is intrinsically tied to some of our grandest traditions and most intimate moments. I love all foods (with a few exceptions!) but I hate to run. I am equally passionate about fancy food and street food, and I firmly believe that food is life and love. When you consider all the times we share with the people we love, those times are usually centred around the sharing of a meal. Food is family. Food is friends. Food is laughter and good times. Share food, less war.

I came to blogging as a mistake. I stumbled across a love of sharing my stories and photos with family and friends, and in this technological age we are living in decided to branch out and share my love food with the world.


I started traveling at a pretty young age, my family moved around Australia a lot. I went on my first solo international flight when I was just graduating from high school, and found myself living in London for a few years. Since then I have collected stamps from more than fifty different countries, and eaten in some of the world’s most elegant restaurants. I have also wiped grease off my face from some of the world’s best street food vendors. To see more from my food adventures, follow me on Instagram and Facebook, or hook up with me on Twitter.

Flying Foodie Adventures is a new food and travel blog aiming to challenge and inspire everyone to eat and explore the globe. Since I have only just launched, I have little in the way of statistics for readership and market reach. I am a published travel writer, having written for various publications both online and in print. I have successfully worked with several big name travel brands over my ten years working in the travel industry. I am keen to work with vendors and brands that fit with my personal ethics. If you would like to work with me, please contact me here.

Major Achievements for The Flying Foodie:

2012: “Cokorda Rai” published by Suitcase Stories blog
2013: “Feel the fear and go anyway” published by Solo Travelist Magazine
2013: Regularly featured author on Neauxmad – an online magazine
2013: Founding editor of Lost Feet – a collaborative travel blog and social network for travelers
2014: Contributor to e-book, Solo Female Backpacker: Guide to Safely Travelling the World (by Mike Huxley)
2015: “Great Lakes of Kenya” published by Mirrors of Africa magazine
2015: Press trip: APT Enchanting Rhine river cruising
2015: Brand Awareness: Covermore Travel Insurance
2016: Guest speaker on Thoughtful Travel Podcast – Christmas Travel Edition
2016: Featured Blogger; Luxury South Africa  – Swagman Tours

2016/17: Press trip: Exodus Travels Discover Sri Lanka tour
2017: Guest speaker on Thoughtful Travel Podcast – Culture Shock Abroad Edition

Current & Previous Brand Partnerships

When looking for brands to work with, I prefer to align myself with companies who hold similar ideals to myself. Companies with a strong responsible tourism and community development program are a very good fit for me. If you are looking for a passionate traveller, with a high level of dedication and perfectionism; someone who can tell an engaging story and has a way of finding the interesting quirks of a place or culture; who is curious about different cultures and how a country’s history shapes the way they eat then you have come to the right place.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some big travel names. Most recently, I was a guest of Exodus Travels during my time in Sri Lanka; a guest of Pullman Hotels in Kuala Lumpur; got to hang out with Urban Adventures in Kuala Lumpur; stayed in luxury lodges in Kruger with Swagman Tours; experienced Chicago with Qatar Airways; attended the French Open with Peugeot Open Europe; cruised the Rhine in luxury with APT; explored Barcelona from my base at Hostel Duo; riding the rails through the UK with Britrail and plenty more…

If you’d like to see a full media kit for The Flying Foodie, which outlines my website and social media stats as well as an extensive list of my previous work, please request this via the details on my Contact page.